Boro Pres Eric Adams & Assemblyman Walter Mosley On Changing Hours of J’ourvert Festival in Brooklyn

Media Source: NYC Newswire

Quote by Assemblyman Walter Mosely, from
“We had to do something different in an effort to secure a level of safety and security for those who revel,” New York Assemblyman Walter Mosely said. “A lot of things happen in the dark when people think they won’t get caught. We understand the police department will increase their number of officers by 400. There will be check points, 12 checkpoints that weren’t there last year. People will be wanded.”

Quote from Brooklyn Boro President Eric Adams, from
“The robust partnership of police and community, which this plan reflects, is making it possible for tens of thousands of peaceful New Yorkers to enjoy the upcoming J’ouvert celebration in our city,” borough President Eric Adams said.

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