JIG Media Launching BrownsvilleNews.org With Networking Event at Brownsville Culinary Center Wed. Sept. 12

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Today it was announced that Brooklyn-based digital media agency, JIG Media, owners of 17 digital media platforms, will launch BrownsvilleNews.org.  The launch will include a Free event, with live jazz, appetizers and business networking, at the Brownsville Culinary Center, Wed. Sept. 12, 2018, for business owners, community leaders and community based organizations.

“I grew up in Brownsville, went to PS 284 and JHS 275, so this is one of our media properties that I am connected to, personally”, stated Vernon Jones, Sr., CEO of JIG Media. “I’ve been talking to people about Brownsville having its own digital media for years, but we wanted to partner with a community based organization that has its roots in Brownsville. When we first started the process 3 years ago, we were unable to find an organization in the area that truly understood the power and importance of Brownsville controlling its own digital media.  A few months ago I started talking to Chris Legree, who operates the Mo’ Better organization in Brownsville, and immediately he understood the importance of BrownsvilleNews.org. It took us less than 3 months to create a partnership.  Mo’ Better is now considered our founding community based partner.  We will work with Mo’ Better to get positive messaging out to the community, informing them about housing, employment, business opportunities, and more.  We will also bring education and health outreach resources to the community, through our corporate partnerships.”

To attend the launch event of BrownsvilleNews.org, RSVP Here.

If your company or organization is looking to become a Launch Partner, with your company featured on BrownsvilleNews.org, contact Vernon Jones, Sr. at vjones@jig.media or call 718.285.9351.

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