Right Wing Terrorist Takes Over Nancy Pelosi’s Office in DC Capitol

Posted By NYC Newswire

photo from Lindy Li Twitter @lindili

As reported on CNN, this is a picture of violent Trump Supporter and rioter who has taken over Nancy Pelosi’s office at the Capitol in DC. He is sitting in Pelosi’s office at her desk.

In another act of violence a woman has been shot in the chest on the grounds of the Capitol, as was reported to be in critical condition. No additional information is yet available about the circumstances surrounding the shooting.

This disruption is part of the attempt of Trump and his supporters to stop Joe Biden from taking over as the President of the United States.

The question of the day has to be, how can the United States have Trump removed from the White House TODAY? The United States cannot take this kind of violence for 2 weeks while Trump continues to support the action of his supporters.

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