VIDEO: ENY Community Advocate Chris Banks Points Out How Lack Of Legislation by Charles Barron Has Been Hurting the Community for 20 Years

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This past weekend on the weekly livestream show, VOICES of East New York, comunity advocate Chris Banks pointed out that while Charles Barron speaks loudly about issues, he has not created any legislation to change the lives of East New Yorkers.

Chris Banks stated that in 20 years in office “there has been no legislation put forth by Charles Barron to stop attacks on East New York.”

In the video Banks talked about homelessness in East New York remaining higher than any community in New York City, hotel shelters are still being built in mass numbers in the area and NYCHA is being handed over to private developers, who have been bad actors in communities of color for as long as development existed in New York City. Trusting private developers to do right by communities of color is insanity. Anyone who thinks handing over the entire NYCHA real estate portfolio to private developers is a good idea is naive. Donald Trump is a New York private developer and the private developers slated to take over NYCHA are no different than Donald Trump. The question you have to ask yourself is, would you trust Donald Trump to have control over NYCHA? What do you think would happen to the people?


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