Join Guest Boris Santos On VOICES of ENY Sunday Feb 7th Talking Tax Lien Sales, Community Land Ownership and Housing

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Be sure to join this week’s discussion on VOICES of East New York with Nikki Lucas, Sunday Feb. 7 @9am.  The special guest will be Boris Santos, the Treasurer of the ENY Community Land Trust. This open discussion will include the progress on laws to abolish tax lien sales, community land trusts, community land ownership, social housing and more.

This discussion impacts both homeowners and renters. Land is important, and who owns the land is even more important. There are ways for communities to own and control the land in their neighborhoods. Join the show to find out how.

Join the discussion live Sunday Feb. 7 @9am on  Go to the link now and select Get Reminder so you can be reminded when the show is 15 minutes from going live. You can comment, ask questions and you can be put on the screen as a guest to appear with Nikki Lucas and Boris Santos.  If you just want to watch the show you can watch live on the homepage of   See Past Episodes of VOICES of East New York with Nikki Lucas.

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