TV Show ‘East New York’ Airs on CBS October 2 Amidst Speculation it Will Continue the Media Portrayal of Negative Racial Stereotypes

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If you are not yet aware, a new television show titled ‘East New York’ will begin airing Sunday October 2, 2022, at primetime on CBS. The show is filmed in East New York and is focusing on the 75th precinct and the East New York Community.

History has shown us that movies and television shows have been promoting negative stereotypes and portrayals of black and brown people, black men in particular. East New York might have its problems, as does many neighborhoods in New York City, but there are hardworking people living in East New York. The community can be proud of its residents, which includes attorneys, business owners, Principals, CPAs, teachers, executives and so on. If CBS is creating a show about East New York, then we will be watching the first episode to find out if the show will be more of the same negative stereotypes or if the narrative will include positive aspects of the neighborhood and its people.

Andrew Walcott, owner of Fusion East Restaurant stated, “I’m showing ‘East New York’ in my restaurant on the day it premieres because it’s important for residents to get together to have a real discussion about the show, and the impact it might have on the community. The impact can be negative or positive. If the show focuses solely on negative aspects of the community, then that’s an obvious problem. We’ll find out next Sunday.”

If you want to watch the show with other East New Yorkers, then Fusion East Restaurant owner, Andrew Walcott, will be showing the premiere episode at Fusion East on Sunday October 2, 2022. The idea is for community residents to watch the show and start a dialogue regarding the impact the show will have on the community. The show will air nationally and internationally, including Canada, which means it will have far reaching implications for the community.

Make no mistake, this is not a promotion of the television show, instead we are making people in East New York and the surrounding areas aware that CBS is targeting you, for good or for bad. We will find out soon enough.

Vernon Jones, owner of JIG Media and stated, “media is a very powerful tool. It can make you hate your own people or love people who have bad intentions toward you. When you constantly show black people in a negative light on television, in movies and in plays for hundreds of years, it has a real impact on how people around the world look at you and treat you. It’s not an accident. The media world has been very intentional and unfortunately even in 2022 we still face the same problems with the media. Media is one of the most powerful tools in the world. When a country invades another country one of the first acts of aggression is to take over their media and airwaves. They want to grab the minds of people to make them think they are being liberated, when in fact they are being invaded.”

You can watch the premiere of ‘East New York’ at Fusion East Restaurant Sunday October 2, 2022. Get there by 8pm. The show starts at 9pm. Fusion East is located at 1179 Elton St., in East New York, just steps form the entrance to the Elton St. side of the Gateway Mall.

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