NYC Data Shows Chris Banks Leading in the ENY City Council Race with More Local Voter Support Than Incumbent

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The City Council race in East New York is going to be very interesting this year. It was announced this week that Chris Banks has more community and financial support than anyone else in the 42nd District City Council race, according to the official report from the Campaign Finance Board. The 42nd District covers East New York, Starrett City, as well as parts of Brownsville, Canarsie and East Flatbush.

Chris Banks stated, “we know we have the support of the community, but when you see the official report confirming what we already knew to be true, it’s a humbling feeling. I don’t take the support for granted. The community is hungry for change and the fact that we are leading in the number of people who have supported my campaign and leading in total fundraising, shows just how hungry they are. Change is coming June 27th in the Democratic Primary. People do not want to go back to what we have faced for the past 20 years. It’s time to move forward.”

The Campaign Finance Board provides City Council candidates with 8 to 1 matching funds, but the support is conditional on how many in-district voters contribute and the total amount of the contributions. According to the Campaign Finance Board’s data, Banks is showing more support from in-district voters and he has raised more money than any other candidate.

“This campaign continues to be about the future of the district, and making sure we do not go back in time with a candidate that has kept us stuck in the past with no innovation or legislation, but a continuance of increased crime and homeless shelters.  There’s still more work to do and we continue to accept support from the community in any form, whether it’s donations, volunteering or simply spreading the word to neighbors and friends who live in the district” added Banks.

Banks is referring to Charles Barron, when he points out “we do not want to go back in time with a candidate that has kept us stuck“. Barron flipped back to the City Council after his wife Inez was term limited out. Charles Barron was also term limited out from the City Council in 2013, after holding the seat for 12 years.  He then went on to the NY State Assembly and his wife left the Assembly and filled his City Council seat.  Charles Barron is running again for the City Council seat.

The Assembly seat is now filled by someone other than a Barron for the first time in 15 years. Nikki Lucas won the Assembly seat over a Barron-backed opponent, in a race that she won with over 70% of the vote. Lucas also defeated Inez Barron in the same election cycle, to win the Female District Leader seat.

Election Day for the Democratic Primary is June 27, 2023.

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