Chris Banks Receives Major Endorsement from Carpenters Union in East New York City Council Race

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The New York City District Council of Carpenters have endorsed Chris Banks for City Council in the 42nd District. This is a huge endorsement for Banks, as he is running to unseat Charles Barron, who has been either a Council member or Assembly member in East New York for that past 20 years.

Joseph Geiger, Executive Secretary-Treasurer, New York City District Council of Carpenters stated in a press release, “The NYC Carpenters Union is proud to lend its support to Chris Banks for City Council in District 42. We are confident that Chris will continue dedicating his life to New York families once elected to the City Council by fighting for the construction of safe, affordable housing and supporting legislation to protect union jobs.”

“I am grateful and humbled by the strong endorsement from the NYC Carpenters Union”, stated Chris Banks. “The NYC Carpenters Union has been working hard in their fight for prevailing wages for its members and all New Yorkers. At a time when so many of our community members are being pushed out of their neighborhoods because of the high cost of housing, it is more important than ever to support unions that provide careers with prevailing wages.”

Banks added, “The support of the NYC Carpenters Union shows that they stand with us in moving the community forward.  I am eager to work with the Union to create career opportunities for young people who reside in our district. Union jobs can be lifechanging.”

The NYC Carpenters Union and Chris Banks have been steadfast in their fight against the privatization of NYCHA, which is the only true affordable housing stock in New York City.

“Putting the only affordable housing stock in the hands of private developers, who have never been friendly to our community, is shameful. This process started over 15 years ago, while the old guard elected officials were asleep at the wheel and did not inform the community of the dangers of privatization. We need to be innovative and transparent in our approach to improving NYCHA developments, without privatization”, stated Banks.

Election Day for the primaries is June 27, 2023. Early Voting starts June 17 and ends June 25.


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