New York Homeowners Ban Together To Call On City Council Members To Fight The Hotel Industry’s War Against NYC’s Middle Class Homeowners

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by Members of New York Homeowners Alliance Corp.

New York Homeowners Alliance Exposes Hotel Industry’s Stealthy Play Against NYC’s Middle-Class Homeowners

In the past Homeowners Associations in New York City concentrated on their local neighborhoods.  However, since the war has been waged against small homeowners by the hotel lobbyists and City Council Members, a number of homeowners associations have partnered to now include thousands of members.  One such group is the New York Homeowners Alliance Corp.

In response to growing concerns and substantial repercussions faced by 1 and 2 family homeowners, New York Homeowners Alliance Corp. (NYHOA) has submitted a pointed memorandum to the New York City Council. The organization is urging swift action to address the unintended and disproportionate effects of Local Law 18, colloquially known as “the Airbnb ban”.

In a powerful salvo fired at the Coalition Against Illegal Hotels (CAIH), NYHOA has revealed the unsettling truths behind the enforcement of Local Law 18. The memo sheds light on the undue harm middle-class homeowners are facing due to multiple factors, including the selective and glacial pace of registration application processing.

The memorandum, a direct counter to misinformation disseminated by the CAIH on September 5th, highlights numerous inaccuracies that, shockingly, align more with hotel industry interests than the genuine concerns of everyday homeowners. The CAIH, which has long presented itself as a defender of NYC’s housing market, stands accused by NYHOA of pushing a narrative that prioritizes corporate profits at the cost of real New Yorkers. The very essence of the city’s housing crisis is glossed over, overshadowed by the hotel industry’s aggressive lobbying.

NYHOA’s new memo is a clarion call to the City Council. It’s time to reflect, rethink, and amend Local Law 18. By addressing the unintended consequences of this de facto short-term rental (STR) ban, the City Council can prevent wealthy developers and corporations from squeezing the city’s middle-class homeowners even further, and eventually, out of NYC.

For an eye-opening dive into NYHOA’s findings, please access the full memorandum here.

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