Hon Renee Collymore and Clinton Hill Residents to Convene Fri May 31 for Follow Up Town Hall Meeting on Migrant Shelters

Posted By Samantha Thompson

Renee Collymore, the Democratic Liaison 57th AD (Clinton Hill), in collaboration with the residents of Clinton Hill, has organized a follow-up town hall meeting to discuss the ongoing situation at the Hall Street Migrant Shelter. The meeting is scheduled for Friday, May 31, 2024, at 6:30 PM and will take place at the Masonic Temple located at 317 Clermont Avenue, Brooklyn.

The purpose of the town hall is to provide a platform for community members to voice their concerns, share ideas, and actively participate in organizing efforts concerning the migrant shelter. This follow-up session underscores the community’s commitment to engaging in open and constructive dialogue about the challenges and opportunities presented by the shelter.

Collymore emphasizes the importance of community input in shaping the approach to managing the shelter’s impact on the neighborhood. “All opinions are welcome, and every opinion will be appreciated and respected,” stated Collymore, encouraging a diverse range of perspectives to ensure comprehensive community involvement.

Residents who are interested in the issues surrounding the Hall Street Migrant Shelter are urged to attend and participate in the discussion. The meeting aims to foster a sense of collaboration and unity within the community as they work together to address these important issues.

For more information about the town hall meeting or to express preliminary concerns, community members can contact the organizer at (917) 353-2990. This event is an opportunity for the residents of Clinton Hill to come together, share their views, and contribute to meaningful solutions that reflect the collective will of the community.

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