NYC Introduces Dining Out NYC: A New Era for Outdoor Dining

Posted By Samantha Thompson

Restaurants Currently Participating in Outdoor Dining Must Apply by August 3 or Remove Their Setups

Restaurant Owners Can Browse the Dining Out NYC Website To Find Easy-To-Use Guidance, Find Companies Offering Products and Services That Comply With Program Rules, View Protypes, and Apply for the Program

New York City’s Department of Transportation Commissioner, Ydanis Rodriguez, has announced a significant development for the city’s dining scene. Starting today, there is a 60-day countdown for restaurants to transition from the temporary outdoor dining program to the newly established permanent program, Dining Out NYC. Restaurants currently utilizing outdoor spaces must apply by the August 3 deadline to continue their operations without interruption.

Commissioner Rodriguez urged establishments to act swiftly, stating, “Don’t delay, apply today! We are committed to making the transition as smooth as possible. New Yorkers love the vibrancy outdoor dining brings to our streets, which is why we are proud to make it a permanent fixture.”

Kevin D. Kim, Commissioner of the NYC Department of Small Business Services, highlighted the cultural shift brought about by outdoor dining. “Outdoor dining has revolutionized how New Yorkers interact with their city. It’s vital to the social and economic fabric of our restaurant industry across all boroughs,” said Commissioner Kim. He also reassured that SBS is ready to assist business owners with the application process through resources like a dedicated hotline and the Dining Out NYC website.

The transition is supported by an extensive outreach campaign conducted by NYC DOT and SBS, including advertising through LinkNYC, bus shelters, social media, and direct community engagement. This effort ensures that every restaurant, currently in the temporary program or not, is well-informed about the new application procedures accessible via

The initiative was sparked by the popularity and success of the temporary outdoor dining arrangements introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic. Mayor Eric Adams officially launched Dining Out NYC to cement these setups as a lasting element of New York City’s landscape while addressing various quality-of-life concerns.

March saw the introduction of a user-friendly online application portal by NYC DOT, simplifying the registration process and detailing necessary documentation and fees. The Dining Out NYC website also features a marketplace and setup menu, offering resources for installing compliant sidewalk or roadway cafes. This marketplace lists vendors that specialize in constructing and managing outdoor dining setups, although using these services is optional.

Restaurants must meet the new program design requirements within 30 days of receiving their application approval or by November 1, 2024, whichever comes first. Failure to comply by August 3 will result in fines, starting at $500 for the first offense and increasing to $1,000 for subsequent violations.

As the city anticipates the first wave of new, compliant setups by Summer 2024, Dining Out NYC is set to redefine the outdoor dining experience, making New York a top destination for al fresco dining enthusiasts worldwide, rivaling even Paris.

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