Things To Know About NYC Political Candidates is urging New Yorkers to Register to Vote if you want to make a difference. After you vote, then you should truly get involved. See the list below of Things To Know about candidates:

  1. Find out what each candidate stands for.
  2. Does the candidate list his/her Platform Issues on their websites?
  3. Are they actually working on the issues?
  4. How long have they been in office? Is it time for a change?
  5. Who are the new candidates looking to take over an office in your neighborhood?
  6. Which candidates support your concerns?
  7. Go out to meet candidates when they come to your neighborhood.
  8. Ask the candidates questions.
  9. Does the candidate truly seem trustworthy or is he/she more concerned about landing the job?
  10. Subscribe to to stay updated on new candidates and those that are currently in office.

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