New Grading System for NYC Politicians Graded By The People

We are starting a new Grading System for New York City Politicians, of which New Yorkers will do the grading. Pass this on to all of your friends and family. This is a true “people’s movement”. They get an A, B, C, or F. Look for the movement on Instagram.

How did this come about you might ask.  Well here’s the story….

A good friend of mine posted on Facebook about the homelessness problem in East New York, and I had been thinking about that for quite some time. How could there be so many people homeless people at a time when development is booming throughout NYC? How can this be possible? Since when are young people so accepting of going into shelters? This is insane! My wife told me one of her students said “I’ll just go into a shelter”, when asked about getting an apartment when they graduate. That’s insane!

Combine my friend’s post with the fact that my cousin works in a homeless shelter and he was at my house doing some electrical work and we started talking about his job. He made it a point to mention how there were so many young people in the shelters, which I knew, but not first-hand from a person working in a shelter.

Add to that combination, that over the last few months I had been thinking about how politicians are supposed to be lobbyists for the people, and there you have it, the Grading System for NYC Politicians has been born on July 1, 2017.  But let’s make sure we understand that these “elected officials” or “politicians” are actually our lobbyists, and their job is to lobby for the people.

The Developers have lobbyists to make sure they get tax breaks, free or deep discounted land and smooth sailing through the rezoning process, and they can “promise” to do good. Well they are lobbying to the “people’s lobbyists”, but our lobbyists are obviously losing because “affordable housing” is a joke, homelessness is rising and young people are moving into shelters or rooming with 5 people just to have a roof over their heads.

When “the people” (that’s all of us), realize that politicians are our lobbysists and they work for us, then we can move the needle along. If a lobbyist isn’t doing their job then the developer or corporation fires that lobbyist, and no excuses are accepted. Period! So we should do the same when our lobbyists aren’t doing their jobs. No excuses.

Well here we are in 2017 with homelessness rising, young people suffering, seniors scared of being kicked out of their homes because of development and I can go on and on about the problems NYC residents are facing. I had to take a long hard look at the problem, and sure enough all fingers point to our “lobbyists” aka “elected officials”. They are doing a horrible job and I would say that 75-90% of them need to be replaced. The people can make this happen.

This is a real “people’s movement”, and it’s starting with this new Grading System. Let’s allow our lobbyists  a chance to make their case, and at the end of the day it doesn’t matter what they say, it’s about what they do.

If there are young people ages 21-30 who need apartments then why is it to hard to even get into public housing? How can this be? Why do they have to go into shelters? How is this right?

Let’s go down the line to our lobbyists and ask them. If they can’t help then it’s time for them to move on to a new career. Our young people need housing, at a truly affordable rate. Let’s start with housing and then move on to employment.

Contact me here, and out “People” in the Subject line, to be a part of this movement. Pass this on to all of your friends and family. If you are living in NYC and having a problem with housing or employment then you have no choice but to join this movement. Before you contact me make sure you are registered to vote or in the process of registering. Voters get heard, and that’s real. Click Here To Register To Vote

I am personally reading all emails on this subject.


One thought on “New Grading System for NYC Politicians Graded By The People

  1. Steve Kaufman Reply

    I agree many elected officials are failing at their jobs and are there because of a corrupt system that protects incumbents. But I am taken aback by your opinion that between 75 and 90 percent need to be replaced. I am very pleased with the work of my elected officials, especially Assemblymember Brian Kavanagh, State Senator Brad Hoylman. They are among the very best.

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