City Council Members Introduce Bill To Force NYPD Transparency

Council members Dan Garodnick and Vanessa Gibson introduced a bill requiring the NYPD to explain the uses of their current surveillance  technologies.  The bill is coming outof the Committee on Public Safety.

The bill is named Public Oversight of Surveillance Technology (POST) Act.  Here’s  brief description of the bill:

This bill requires the reporting and evaluation of surveillance technologies used by the NYPD. The Department will be required to issue a surveillance impact and use policy about these technologies. The policy would include information on surveillance technologies such as the description and capabilities, rules, processes and guidelines, and any safeguards and security measures designed to protect the information collected. Upon publication of the draft surveillance impact and use policy, the public shall have a period of time to submit comments. The commissioner of the department shall consider the comments and provide the final version of the surveillance impact and use policy to the Council, the Mayor and post to the Department’s website. The inspector general for the NYPD shall audit the surveillance impact and use policy to ensure compliance with its terms.

Get more details about the bill here.

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